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2010 is our year!

The movie 2012, numerous shows on the Discovery/National Geographic channel deciphering the predictions from the Mayan calendar and other literature, the media has been consistently pumping out news of the possible 2012 Armageddon. Now that 2012 is finally here, will we really be wiped out of the face of the Earth? Or will mother Earth allow us to continue to crawl on this land?

I don't think either conclusion really matters,because even if the world is to end, we should live the final year with all guns blasting. It is the year for us to live the way we deserve.
Shrug off all the pessimistic comments and create your own opportunities.
Just do it because you will learn a hella lot more by doing than thinking, even if its the wrong.
Make changes to your life, not excuses.
Break the barriers, not contained by them.
Plan your own life, don't live the life others had planned for you.
Live out this year(whether if its the last or not) differently.

2012 is also the election year in Taiwan and many citizens are questioning what the presidential candidates plan to do for the country. I strongly agree to what President John F. Kennedy once said: Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.


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Travel Packing Tips 1

Being a frequent traveler, I become very sensitive in what I pack, making sure it is as light as possible and have my essential items prepped. Today I have learned two new things to pack that could make your life easier on your next trip.

Going to the beach? Carry a small bottle of baby-powder with you. It is very useful for getting the sand off your wet feet when you are leaving the beach. I always hate getting sand into my shoes and socks, but this wonder powder will make your trip back to the hotel more enjoyable.

Disposable Shower-Cap

These shower-caps are provided by every hotel, so if you didn't use it, you can bring it home for your personal travel uses. How can you use it? A shower-cap is a great shoe bag. You can pack your shoes without having to worry the dirt will get on your clothes. It is also handier than a plastic bag.
shoe bag

shoe bag

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...yeah..the Money Part

Two weeks ago I received free $50USD to play poker again, whoopee! Being able to have a 60% ROI (return on investment) in this two weeks *(i jinxed it...lost 20% right after writing...only 40% now), I was surprised my urge to go to Vegas did not rise up to haunt me like it did before. I have to thank my mentor Jon, who made $50USD - $30,000USD within the span of his 4 university years, for teaching me the skills of poker.

I asked him: Why don't you ever play in the casinos? Why don't you go enjoy the thrill of playing the game live or gambling on other games like Blackjack or Roulette?
Jon replies: My thrill comes from earning money, not gambling.

Notice Jon used the word "earn", and not "win". By earning the money, it means he deserved it, through proper play and/or deception. "Winning" money has a large luck factor involved, it means you do not deserve it, and you were just lucky that you won it. I admire Jon's discipline and self-control, although, it can get boring at times, but what the hell, he made 30k from this "Part-Time" job.

Why am I rambling on about this? Because Las Vegas is one of the TOP destinations to go to in the US West Coast. When people think of Las Vegas, they think it as Sin-City, where there is sex, gambling, incredible buffets, and a place to get drunk (The Hang Over). However, there are healthy ways to go about doing this activities so you don't have to say to your buddies "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" because we know that never happens. The only thing that does stay is our precious CASH.

Here are some pointers on how I "win" money in casinos/Vegas.
1. Roulette - This game is pretty much, GO BIG OR GO HOME! You can only bet once, on the 48/48% sections, which are Black/Red. The longer you play in this game means more money is draining out of your pockets. My rule of thumb is setting a quota for yourself, eg. Losing $100 for the day, and just bet all that $100 on Black or Red. Whether you lose or win, just move on, don't stare at the number board 1 second longer. I've done that, and its not cool at all to puke back the money that you won initially, or worse, lose 4x your initial quota.

2. Blackjack - I'm not a pro at this game, in fact I'm fairly noob at it. But let me tell you my experiences, so you may not be surprised by the environment when you play. When you play BJ, 70% of the time you will have some old Chinese lady playing beside you. Most of the time, it isn't very cool when that happens, because they will start bitching at you for making the wrong moves. You ask "Me losing money is my business..why does it have to do with you?" However, these Chinese ladies think if you don't play "your" cards properly, it will cause them to lose as well. Sure, if you are a MIT student that can count cards, you can bitch at me all you want, but I doubt anyone with that caliber will bitch at you too, cuz they are too busy counting cards.

3. Slots - Just don't touch this...you can't beat this...at all~ Why don't you just donate money to Yen's Poker Foundation instead :p

4. Live Hold'em Poker - If your in Vegas playing Hold'em, and want to "earn" money, pick the smaller casinos, such as Luxor. In smaller casinos there are no professional poker players. All the pros hang out at the plush hotels like Bellagio, because that is where the rich folks go to burn their money. I was able to "win" $500 bucks at Luxor, fairly lucky that night~Paid for all my hotel stays and food for that trip!

If you've got some tips or your personal mantra for visiting casinos, feel free to share it here.

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Oregon Lighthouse Haunting

In Taiwan, every night past 11pm there would be a dozen channels broadcasting paranormal or haunting related talk-shows and movies. It fascinates me how majority of the people are scared shitless about ghosts yet still love to be entertained by horror movies and ghost stories. Well here is a treat for you, stop hiding in front of the screen and experience real paranormal ambiance when you visit the state of Oregon.

On the coast of Oregon, numerous lighthouses are considered to be haunted. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, entering into one of the lighthouses will send chills down your spines. You may not actually hear or see any haunting, but you will sense something is definitely different here.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse is repeatedly haunted by the Lady in Gray, aka Rue. She was once the wife of an assistant light keeper, whose daughter drowned in the nearby waters. Filled with sorrow, Rue committed suicide. The location of the daughter's grave is unknown, but supposedly it is around the surrounding vegetation. This is why Rue appears occasionally to search for her daughter.

Rue is known to move items, set off fire alarms, open and close cupboards, walk up the stairs, and float around the attic. Many painters and maintenance-workers have encountered Rue face to face. What did they do? FLEE IN TERROR. They all refused to enter the lighthouse attic for the rest of their lives. Although these workers fear Rue, she does no harm. In fact, she actually helps clean up the place. Once a worker accidentally broke a window in the attic during his flee, and that night someone heard glass scraping sounds on the hardwood floor. The next morning, the worker found the broken glass have been swept into a neat pile.

Of course these stories are left for you to decide whether they are fact or fiction, but even if you aren't a ghostbuster, the Heceta Head Lighthouse presents a great view of the Pacific Ocean.

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